Elementor #63


Building a future where play and exercise are inclusive and fun for people of all abilities.

iGYM is an augmented reality system for inclusive play and exercise.

It is designed for school and community-based sport or recreation facilities seeking to provide novel and accessible ways for people with motor disabilities and their non-disabled peers to play and exercise together.


We are an interdisciplinary team of designers, engineers, and human-computer interaction researchers at the University of Michigan.

Roland Graf
Stamps School of Art and Design
Hun Seok Kim
College of Engineering
Michael Nebeling
School of Information
Sun Young Park
Stamps School and School of Information
Current Students
Emma Shpiz
Zixuan Li
Dashiell Carichner

Former Students
Megan Freund
Priyanka Raju
Yaqian Zhao
Luyao Gong
Seth Andrew Warschausky, Ph.D.
Betsy Howell, M.S., P.T.
Robert C. Ferguson, MHS, OTRL


Please email us if you are interested to learn more about iGYM or sign up below for one of our next playtests.

Play with us

We are looking for playtesters to try our prototype. Please fill out the form if you are interested and we will follow up with more details soon.

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